Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Momentous Event!!

The day for all KMB students to come and embrace their beloved nesting ground has come. What better way to celebrate this day than to start a blog? My own blog. Aaaaaah..

A blog is necessary for oneself because:
-it's a place to pour one's thoughts and emotions
-it's a place to share one's experience
-it's a place to gather intellectuals from all over without the need to stand up
-it's a place where my creative 'thoughts' could linger
-it's just cool to own a blog

With this, I end my first post of my first blog. Have a nice day.

PS - This post is better enjoyed with the sounds of "Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode to Joy"


  1. salam...
    nice blog u have here, 'thank you' for letting me know about this blog..
    can't wait 4 ur future posts......

  2. Perhatian.. Blog anda kini dalam pemerhatian budak2 KMB..hampir semua blog kmb-ians batch 08-10 ada dalam nh. so rajin2 la update blog anda untuk brada di tangga tratas..hua3


    p/s:kalau xske blog anda dipamerkan.. boleh bgtau saya dlm chatbox belah kiri blog.atau nk edit url pon bgtau kat dalam 2..atau nk tambah url blog kwn/anda..kat dalam 2 pown bleh bubuh..hu2